A Happy New Year 2022

Thank you for your interest in the JA Awards.
JARL-issued awards, such as AJD, JCC, WAJA, etc., currently
require actual QSL cards as a proof of the QSO. These awards cannot
be verified by the LoTW data.

There is a strong demand from overseas award hunters to JARL to accept the LoTW data
for the JARL awards application, but JARL has not showed any interests
to utilize them for the awards application.
I would like to strongly request JARL to accept LoTW data for the awards application.
We are looking for support for JARL's acceptance of using LoTW data for the awards
application from many overseas award hunters who are interested in JA's importan
I share a same opinion with you.
Please send me your comments and agreement .
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards

Hiro Matsuura

AS-41( OKi islands) activity

We will be active from Oki Island, AS-041 as JA4DND/4 and JR4OZR/4 between November 12 and November 16 with a holyday style. We will be on 80m to 10m with FT8, CW and SSB mode. We will upload our QSO data to LoTW. We will not accept any QSL cards via bureau. If you need our paper QSL card, please send your QSL card to JA4DND with SASE or SAE with 2USD or 2 EURO. You can send your QSL card request to JA4DND using paypal with 2USD or 2EURO. When you doing it, please do not forget to send your QSO data to JA4DND by e-mail. In case of paypal request, I will inform you Psy Pal ID. It is not needed for you to send your QSL card to JA4DND